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In the epic conclusion to the first trilogy in the Saga of the Seven Stars the Krai’kesh, quadruped aliens possessing devastating speed and strength, have surrounded the magical city of Tar Ebon. They have nullified the magic of the mages of the city and initiated a race against time for the Saviors of Tar Ebon and their companions. The queen of Tar Ebon sends the Saviors and their allies on a quest of heroes, a magical journey to gather allies from across the continent. Each hero must use their special powers to overcome challenges as they spread out across the continent. As the final battle for Tar Ebon looms, all hope seems lost. Can the forces of light force back the darkness? Or will the darkness of the alien Krai’kesh swallow all humanity? “Shadows fall and the wind takes flight. Thousands cry out at the lack of light. Darkness comes to destroy mankind, to finish the task begun long ago and far away.” – Ballad by Favio Read the epic conclusion by Dayne Edmondson today to find out the fate of Tar Ebon.